About David Moore

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Live A Better Story.

First of all, that is NOT me in the picture above. However, I vividly remember one very similar hanging in my parents bathroom when I was a kid. It was incredibly embarrassing and I would beg them to take it down. They eventually did but I was scarred for life. To this day, I still don't go naked in public.

So from nude modeling to legal printing is quite a big jump. So here's my story.


The Entrepreneur

I've pretty much always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I was always the kid who put up the lemonade stand first and had my friends work for me. But I also hustled True Grit magazine (you're old if you remember that) and I had a newspaper route. Seasonally, I would try my hand selling door-to-door products such as: flower seeds, Christmas wreaths and greeting cards.

College Days

In college, a partner and I capitalized on the NC State Basketball 1983 National Championship. We created, designed and sold "Cardiac Pack" foam can huggers to major convenience stores and drug stores in the Raleigh area. I think we marked up the huggers .10 to Kerr Drugs just so we could walk into the store and look at them and say, "We did that".

I was also exposed to the printing industry while in college. I had a part-time job at a small commercial printer in downtown Raleigh. So I've sort of been in "in the industry" since around 1982.

The Beginning

The origins of Advantage begin around 1982 as well in downtown Kinston, NC. Over the years it grew and swallowed up struggling printers until there were only two major printers in Kinston. With Advantage being the smaller and more of a boutique firm.

The CEOwner

I joined Advantage in 2008 as a partner and then bought 100% ownership in 2010. And it was this culture of "specialization" in a boutique firm that led me to focus on printing for the legal industry. 

Legal Printing Specialist

Heavily influenced by one of our long-time clients, White & Allen, I felt life would just be more enjoyable if I could serve more clients just like them. We had a significant portion of our revenues from the professional and legal industry, so focusing on serving small to mid-sized legal firms was an easy choice.

APGLEGALPRINT.com is the legal printing division of AdvantgePrintGroup and is where I focus my energy.

Fun Facts

  • I was a band geek in Jr. High School
  • I've broken my nose twice playing baseball in High School
  • I used to race motocross
  • I won the 1986 Mr. North Carolina Bodybuilding Championship - Middleweight Division.
  • I am a passionate Landscape and Nature photographer and sold my first print in 2013.
  • I am an Army brat spending the first 16 years of my life on a military base
  • I was an All-Conference wrestler in high school
  • I've had three (3) Holes-in-One with best round of golf - 74 at Wilson Country Club, 1990