For your reading and educational pleasure, here's your weekly brief of can't miss articles I found and tweeted as I trolled the interweb. 

Screencast: How to Enable Dropbox 2-Step Verification in 2-Minutes

I created to two minute screencast to follow up on last weeks post HOW SAFE IS DROPBOX.

It's Time for Lawyers to Re-Think the Cloud

@Lawyerist @SamGlover does a great job in this post. My favorite this week. I can't do business without the cloud, but we all need to be vigilant in our security.

Tip: Microsoft Outlook for Managing Legal Projects

Author, Steven B. Levy, aims to make your life easier when managing legal projects on @slaw_dot_ca. Check out his books as well here on Amazon.

5 Tips: How to Give Employee Performance Reviews

Attorney, Gabriella Khorasanee, gives some tips on a successfully (#4 Keep it boring) giving a constructive performance review.

How to Create a Business Card That's Actually Useful

This is an @Hubspot post written by JeffCoon of @milwaukeedesign that should have been written by since I'm in the printing business. But you can go wrong with this advice.