Have you ever heard the saying, 'Nothing is stronger than a habit'? We all have bad habits, but here are a few important ones to kick:

  1. Using the same password for every account. Hackers are always looking for ways to crack into vulnerable accounts and steal critical information. If they crack one account, the use of the same password would enable them to easily access multiple accounts.
  2. Not cleaning your mouse, keyboard, or phone. Think how often you touch your tech gear without washing your hands first. These items are often overlooked bacteria magnets that should be cleaned frequently.
  3. Having multiple users per account is bad for security and privacy. Not only could another user (such as child) accidentally change settings or make purchases with saved passwords or credit information, but they can also accidentally install dangerous programs that could affect your accounts.
  4. Not taking computer breaks. In addition to getting up and walking around to get blood flowing to your legs, you should look away at a distant object every 20 minutes or so to take the strain off your eyes and allow them to refocus.
  5. Not upgrading your programs and web browsers. There are many benefits to upgrading, with speed and efficiency leading the list.  
  6. No ergonomically friendly setup. Ergonomic solutions can reduce pain and discomfort, increase productivity, and increase morale. 
  7. Using public Wi-Fi like you would at home. Remember that you're sharing a network with other people and you should beware when accessing sensitive accounts, such as a secure bank account.

If you have any bad habits when it comes to printing, we're here to help and make your life easier anytime, anywhere.