Listen up! Did you miss the 2014 ABA Tech Show in Chicago last week?

Have no fear. Here are 10 links that will give you a taste of what you missed, but will also get you up to speed in a matter of minutes.

The keynote was given by Rick Klau, a Google Ventures partner and leader of the Startup Labs.

1.  3 Lessons for Legal Innovators (Victor Li - ABA Journal)

One of the most popular speakers was John Dean. Yes, THAT John Dean from the Nixon Watergate era.

2.  Watergate's Lasting Legacy to Legal Ethics Reform (Victor Li - ABA Journal)

Cybersecurity is a concern at every firm. The 2013 Cybercrime Survey reported 53% of participants had some type of "internal incident" and 43% say "rogue employees are the biggest threat".

3.  4 Types of Employees Who Put Your Cybersecurity at Risk (Mark Hansen @ABAJournal)

This is of interest to not only the smaller firms, but big firms better pay attention to this take on moneyball for lawyers:

4.  Can Small Firms Compete with BigLaw for a Fraction of the Cost? (Victor Li - ABA Journal)

Here is the fun stuff:

5.  Top 10 Product Announcements at #ABATechShow (@BobAmbrogi)

6.  The Best Swag from 2014 ABA Tech Show (@theMacLawyer Ben Stevens)

7.  60 Sites in 60 Minutes: The 2014 List (ABA Tech Show)

8.  60 Apps in 60 Minutes: 2014 List (iPhone J.D. @JeffRichardson)

9.  16 Stats on the State of Legal Technology (LexisNexis @Business_of_Law)

And if you really want to feel like you were really there, you love @Lawyerist @SamGlover

10. #ABATechShow Live Blog 2014

I hope you enjoyed that. There were many more to choose from, but these seemed to be relevant to most of you.