Print has an unparalleled ability to keep the reader engaged. Yet too few leverage the sensory experience print provides...
— Nenad Senic, Chief Content Officer magazine Feb 2014

I've been hearing "print is dead" for years. The debate continues each year as to whether it's true or not. But in reality, the time has never been better for law firm CMO's to leverage the printing channel.

According to the 2014 State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey released by GreenTarget in association with ALM Legal Intelligence and Zeughauser Group, 77% of in-house counsel finds practice group newsletters the most valuable form of law firm-generated content.

77% of GC’s find practice group newsletters the most valuable form of content
— 2014 State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey

Clients, particularly corporate clients, are feeling the overwhelm from all the email, blog posts and social media updates sent out by law firms. But you can cut through the clutter with a print newsletter.

1. Print Grabs Attention

You've noticed how many fewer magazines, newsletters and postcards you get in the mail these days. Admit it, we pay more attention to our print mail because there is less of it. This creates an opportunity to grab the attention of your clients and prospects.

2. Print Helps Client Retention

Consistent newsletter campaigns deepen existing relationships with clients and enhance client retention. One of the biggest complaints of clients is they feel forgotten. Newsletters can economically nurture the relationship.

3. Print is "New Media"

Social media, online and mobile content are all key elements of the marketing mix today. What excites CMO's is being able to do something different. Look at what is NOT being done. The answer is print. Print is far from dead, it's making a comeback. 

4. Print is "Anti-Social"

Print gives its readers a chance to unplug and disconnect from all the digital noise. A printed newsletter can be read over time in multiple sittings and doesn't demand the urgency of digital. Content can be more in-depth and engaging and in longer format.

5. Print Can Be Interactive

A printed newsletter can support online media. By using mobile technology such as text, QR codes or AR (augmented reality) you can also make print interactive and even enhance the newsletter with video.

75% of law firm marketers do not have a documented content marketing strategy at their firm
— 2014 Digital & Content Marketing Survey

So what's your content strategy? Are printed newsletters part of it? If not, you are missing out on the content 77% of in-house counsel is looking for.