What Are the Traits of a Modern Legal Administrator?

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Hi all,

I need the help of all the ALA RDU members. I am doing research for an article I'm writing.

A few months ago, a somewhat humorous article was going around entitled: The 20 Traits of a Modern Man. And it got me to thinking about each of us and the wide range of traits we all must possess to succeed in our respective careers.

So I'd like your help in answering the following question:

What traits (skills) are required for the legal administrator to be successful?

I only need a few sentences. I'd be grateful for one to three ideas with short explanations.

Many of you have been in this industry for a long time and have adapted to massive changes. The critical skills you needed 10-15 years ago may have changed and new ones emerged (i.e. Technology). Your input would be a great value to newer administrators.

I'd love to have 15-20 responses in order to get a diverse list of ideas.

In return for your input, I'll send you a Starbucks E-Gift Card and you can have a coffee on me.

To get you started, here's my quick list of the obvious large categories.

  1. Communication

    • written

    • verbal

    • interpersonal

    • conflict management

  2. Financial / Accounting

  3. Time management / Productivity

  4. Leadership

  5. Technology

    • Mobile

    • Cloud

    • Security

  6. Practice Management

  7. Marketing

Please feel free to add or expand on these.

By knowing what it takes for you to succeed, I can make better decisions on how the information, services and products I provide can help you and your firm.

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Thanks in advance,

David Moore

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